2016 Bathroom Countertop Trends

bathroom countertop design ideas

Whether you’re thinking about redesigning your entire bathroom or making a few upgrades, my guess is that the idea of replacing your bathroom countertops has actually crossed your mind. House owners not only want their bathroom counters looking excellent, however they would like to know the resilience grade, maintenance demands and product expenses of their preferred choices prior to making a decision.

I’m not just going to dive deep into exactly what materials are top-rated, but I’ll likewise cover edges, colors and design styles that are trending. It cannot injure to simply see exactly what’s out there. Who understands? Possibly these suggestions will influence your next bathroom upgrade!

Bathroom Countertop Materials


We’ve found out about granite because it gets discussed a lot throughout the years, but you might not know everything it needs to offer. Sure, it’s a little pricier than some of the other options out there, however I believe you’ll see why lots of property owners consider this product well worth the investment.

bathroom granite countertops with brown cabinets

Bathroom granite countertops with brown cabinets

Granite is a popular stone with glamorous qualities. You don’t have to stress over its durability or shelf-life due to the fact that it’s resistant to stains, water and heat, and it’s understood to ins 2014. At the end of the day, it’s a practical countertop material that’ll add appeal and value to your house.

The only upkeep and up keep needed with granite is to seal it so it will push back grease (i.e. hair items, for example). Otherwise, you’ll be pleased to know it’s primarily trouble totally free and withstands discolorations better than other materials, like marble.


Marble is a popular choice for its large appearance and beauty, although it’s fairly expensive. The product is magnificent when it catches your eye and is fantastic for attaining a high-end look. You need to be aware that it scratches and discolorations quickly, so make certain you’re completely committed to providing it the appropriate interest. It needs mild treatment and appropriate care to remain lovely.

marble bathroom countertop pale colors

Marble bathroom countertop colors

Experts say it pays to install granite or marble since these products attract buyers at resale and offer the vanity top a rich, smooth look.

Engineered Stone/Quartz

Engineered Quartz has actually been okayed time and time once again, and this year is no different. The best part about the engineered stone is that it imitates the design and texture of natural stone without the maintenance. In truth, the list of benefits continues.

bathroom vanity with two quartz countertops

Usually composed of more than 90 % quartz particles, the nonporous surface won’t scratch, stain or crack. Even better is that it resists mold and mildew. You can buff out scratches yourself and it’s resilient, low-maintenance and can deal with high heat (believe hair tools). There’s not excessive to complain about with this one.


I’m sure you’ve admired a pal or family member’s counter tops, thinking they should have invested a fortune, only to have them tell you that they’re in fact reasonably priced laminate counter tops. Laminate can quickly pass for other materials such as granite or natural stone because of how much the appearance has actually progressed over the previous couple of years.

Small bathroom laminate countertops

Small bathroom laminate countertops

These counters are exceptional for updating visitor bathrooms and basements on a budget plan. Take care not to put hot things straight on the counter top due to the fact that they quickly damage when contacted with heat. Other than that, they’re inexpensive, easy to clean and can be found in a large range of colors and patterns.

Bathroom Countertop Shapes & Edges

Bathroom design black-orange countertop

Any individual setting up brand-new bathroom countertops understands they’re eventually going to need to begin evaluating the nitty-gritty details, among them being shapes and edges. Below is a short list of a few of the more popular alternatives among house owners.

Bullnose – Rounded
Bevel – Tilted
Ogee – S-shaped
Ornamental Edges – Used for tailoring a bath

Sara Ann Busby, vice president of the National Kitchen area and Bath Association (NKBA) & owner of Sara Busby Design, just recently dished out some ideas about how they manage this issue, “In a more standard, more classy bathroom, we’ll put some information on the front edge. We’ll do a real heavy ogee to follow the theme of the moldings or something that’s occurring in the room. When we’re dealing with visitors who may want something cleaner, we’ll place on a square edge and simply knock it off a little bit, so it’s really clear where the edge of the counter is.” Hopefully this information provides you a little more confidence when you’re faced with choosing a countertop edge information!

Bathroom Countertop Colors

Interior designers are considering beige, gray and black as the leading colors for a marble countertop. The neutral hues of beige and gray compliment the silvery tones of faucets and mirrored glass completely. On the other hand, black will offer you a classic and stylish look and will definitely shine when coupled with a white vanity.

In terms of granite, brown and white take the cake. White granite produces a clean and crisp appearance, while at the very same time lighting and brightening up the area. For a winning appearance, it’s recommended you match dark cabinets and polished chrome fixtures (and hardware) with a white counter top. Brown granite is a preferred color due to the fact that it conceals dirt well and appears less heavy due to its velvety beiges and coffee-hued specks.

bathroom design black countertop

If you’re a DIYer then you need to also consider repainted wood. It’s a project you can finish in a weekend and can change an outdated furniture piece into a brand brand-new vanity.

Matching Backsplash for  Countertop in Bathroom

Backsplash not needs to be a totally separate function from the counter top. If you enjoy your counter top, it’s completely appropriate to run the product up onto the wall to act as a backsplash too. This is particularly handy if you’re needed to buy huge pieces of countertop product and will have extra leftover. Using the exact same product for your counter and backsplash is becoming significantly popular, and it looks good too!

As far as product goes, tile and marble are 2 materials that won’t disappoint. I love the example in the image above due to the fact that of the deep countertop, matching marble backsplash and gray marble tiles framing the mirror. If you stick to tile, do not hesitate to get a little crazy and perk up the space with lively colors and patterns (you can even extend the tile pattern into the shower).

Picking out brand-new bathroom countertops will probably be a time-consuming task, but is likewise a lot of enjoyable! The patterns and information outlined in this post needs to make you feel completely equipped to not just finish the job, however to obtain it done right. Let us understand how it goes. We ‘d like to hear your feedback and bathroom remodeling success stories in the comments section listed below!

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