5 Ideas of Contemporary Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture 2015

There’s a lot to look forward to this year when it comes to contemporary living room furniture and we’re happy to say that there won’t be just one trend of 2015. Today’s designers are venturing out in a variety of creative directions, playing with styles, textures, shapes and color. While just about every style will find its place in 2015, those with a contemporary design will still reign supreme

Following are 5 ideas of contemporary living room furniture trends that will shape living room trends this year.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

1. Consider Your Living Room’s Purpose

Before you invest in your new living room furniture, it’s important to consider your living room’s overall purpose. If it’s going to have a more formal yet contemporary feel you’ll want to consider clean lines and being a bit more minimalistic when it comes to storage areas, etc.

If it’s going to be a living space that’s more casual, where family and friends can gather to watch a movie, play games or provides a quiet place for the kids to do their homework, you’ll want to consider adding cabinets, a desk and built in book shelves that compliment your contemporary living room furniture. You can still choose a variety of tones and fabrics when comes to the furniture and accessories, feeling free to add some personality to the living space by including fun, eye catching accents that include throw pillows, throws blankets, accent rugs, curtains, artwork and lighting accents.

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2. Corduroy – A Popular Trend of 2015

You know that fabric you usually relate to warm winter pants? Well, the trend of 2015 in both cheap contemporary living room furniture and more upscale choices which will include this ultra-soft fabric. Many designers are bringing corduroy into their design ideas this year, utilizing this inexpensive velvet alternative on couches, chairs and throw pillows. You can expect to see a lot of bold statements showing up in upholstery, including corduroy accented with wide, bold bands of cord.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Contrasts

While there’s nothing wrong with solid painted walls and matching furniture if that’s what you prefer, the latest trends are working in some attractive accents, bringing beautiful contrasts into contemporary spaces. Today’s designers are combining a sense of timeless design with hot new trends, creating an atmosphere of the tasteful and classy.

For example, soothing soft pastels and natural room colors are perfectly accented with shades of creamy white hues and soft gray and black, reinventing the classic decor ideas.

On the other side of the coin, you shouldn’t be afraid to be bold if that expresses your personality and include more vibrant contrasts, playing with exciting touches that can brilliantly transform any living space – think colorful oriental rugs or those with more subtle two tone designs.

4. Leather Furniture

The hottest living room decor trend of 2015 is the use of leather, the ideal accent for just about any contemporary, yet approachable living room furniture design aesthetic. You’ll also see cowhide used in rugs, pillows and even used as an accent in throw blankets and art. You can count on the popularity of leather furniture gaining momentum this year.

5. When decorating your space, don’t be afraid of bright colors and this year Marsala is the pantone of choice.

If you don’t want to get to bold with your living room furniture colors, you can go bold with accessories, making it easy to change things up with it comes to color schemes in the future. You can easily change the feel of the room by swapping out curtains, throw pillows, mirrors, and hang colorful contemporary artwork.

This is the year to go from ho hum decor to bold, from casual to entertainment worthy contemporary living room furniture. You can easily pull off any of the 5 living room furniture design ideas listed here and we hope you find all 5 inspiring. If you’re a little worried about carrying out a complete living room makeover, start off small, perhaps adding a new rug and a few fun accents and go from there.

Updated: September 7, 2015 — 12:38 pm
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