5 Reasons to Paint Garage Doors in Black (with pictures)

black garage doors for you home

Garage doors are usually painted in hot and attractive colors to complement with the house paint. Having a black color for a garage door was unpopular as most homeowners view it as lifeless and dull. In the past, finding a black garage door was next to impossible. If you have a fondness for black, the best thing that you can do is to paint or buy garage doors in black. There are 5 reasons to paint garage doors in black and take a peek of them for your advantage.

Main Reasons to Paint Garage Doors in Black

1. Black is elegant.

This color gives a stately appeal to your home frontage. It reflects an aura of elegance to your dwelling and it resonates to its owners’ fine taste. It goes well with any contrasting color because of its universal appeal. If your house has black window and door panels, the garage door adds curb appeal to your home.

black elegant garage doors for you home

photo: black elegant garage doors for you home

2. It protects the door from extreme heat.

If you live in a humid area, black is ideal to maintain the door color. Garage doors that are facing the western sun can withstand against the searing heat when it is painted with black color even if it is too hot to handle than light colored doors. This is because it remains in its glossy finish unlike colorful doors. Colored doors can look ugly when the paint is warped compare to black doors. It means you don’t need to repaint it yearly and save extra dollars.

3. Black is versatile.

nice black garage doorsWhether your garage is made of aluminum or wood, black can be applied to it while maintaining its natural finish. This is why black garage doors is better choice than any other color because it goes well with any architectural structure and ambiance. It gives a dramatic effect to the home no matter where you live. It can incorporate with a Victoria, cottage or a modern-style home. You can have the door painted in light, soft or full hues to give a contrast to the home’s main door.

4. It gives balance.

Black is a neutral color and this means that it can minimize flaws in your home exterior. It provides aesthetic appeal even if it is paired with red or orange brick. You can create a unique ambiance to your home with its neutral shade and flashing colors to your exterior. Black gives a soothing appeal to its dwellers since it does not make your eyes glare especially during summer months. It gives cooling effect in any season of the year.

5. It hides dirt and ugly marks.

Black is an ideal color if you are too busy to clean your garage door. Unlike white and light colored doors, this one is best for homeowners who have no time for regular cleaning.

It conceals scratches and blemishes so you don’t have to repaint them as often.

When you buy black door, you have made the right decision to save your time and money in maintaining the appearance of your home. The next time you plan to repaint your garage door, have it painted with black.

nice black garage doors

Updated: September 7, 2015 — 11:16 am
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