7 Backyard Ideas For Kids with pictures

Kids yard idea

A few playtime options in the backyard are enough to make it a hot destination for your kids. All that you have to do is use your ingenuity to landscape and set up the backyard in such a manner that it interests kids of all age categories. 

Backyard ideas for your kids

Here are some backyard landscaping ideas for kids that may help you in establishing an attractive scene in the backyard for your kids:

  1. Sandbox:

Build a sandbox to experience sun and sand even without going to the beach. If you cannot build one, you can buy readymade ones from the market. You can get a number of sandbox ideas from the internet and call it your son’s backyard beach!

Kids yard idea

  1. Swing:

If you find a complete playset too big for your space, go for a single swing. A swing has always been a favourite outdoor attraction for kids. Internet can educate you on dozens of DIY swing ideas which are easy to make and install.

  1. Outdoor kitchen:

An old bookshelf, a cabinet or a shelf can be a perfect outdoor play kitchen for your kids. Sift through your junk stores and garage to dress the kitchen with inexpensive pots, cups, bowls, utensils, spoons and more. Use your imagination while selecting items: muffin tins make an ideal cast for mud miniature cakes and plastic drinking glasses can be an ideal holder for mud slurry concoctions.

  1. Backyard playhouse or Fort:

This may be the most ambitious project in the list but once you successfully pull it off, there is nothing else that can shadow it. Kids love to play to play in forts and their adrenaline rush is on an all time high enacting King and Queens. Find a roofed structure in the backyard to convert into a fort-like structure or just go for fencing posts to create one.

Kids yard idea - fort

  1. Lawn games:

Backyard games make an ideal way for the whole family or even the entire neighbourhood to play together. You can plan croquet or badminton. You can also consider horseshoes, darts and bocce too. You can easily get these things at yard sales if you do not wish to invest in new ones.

  1. Hammock:

When your kids play to their heart’s content in the backyard, they will certainly want to rest for a while. To cater for this, tie a hammock at a shady place in the backyard to act as a hangout for napping or reading. Make sure the hammock is strong enough to allow more than one kid on board because kids will invariably overload it frequently. A literal hang-out for kids!

Kids yard idea

  1. Soccer goal

This project can involve the whole family. A basic goal post made of PVC pipes and deer netting can easily be assembled in as little as 10 minutes. Such an assembly is light weight, easy to carry and can be set up at any convenient corner.

There is no denial that kids await the arrival of summers to get a chance to let loose in the backyard. These 7 backyard ideas for kids will certainly go a long way in providing your kids ample opportunity to recreate constructively in the backyard.

Updated: January 19, 2015 — 4:07 am
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