7 Reasons to Buy Rubber Flooring for Garage

rubber garage flooring

Some people instantly love the thought of using rubber tile as the garage floor.

Why Choose the Rubber Flooring for Garage

Others need someone to explain the reasons to buy rubber flooring for garage, so here’s a list:

  1. Durability is No Problem

Many people are so used to hard concrete garage flooring, that they think of installing rubber tile in such a space is impractical. They think the rubber would quickly become damaged, ultimately needing often replacement, but they’re wrong. Rubber flooring is specifically made for every use. It’s hard-wearing and durable enough to withstand garage traffic even if you drive a Hummer.

  1. Want Low Maintenance? You Got It!

Forget about the big chores and expense that often come with properly maintaining a garage floor. When you choose rubber, you’re getting a low maintenance option. The amount of maintenance any type of flooring requires is an especially important thing to consider when the floor is for the garage, as these spaces are prone to stains from car chemicals and other equipment and projects. As a synthetic flooring option, the rubber is so stain resistant that the only thing you’ll generally need to clean it is a mop and some warm water.

  1. Less Worry about Injury

Accidents can be prone to happen, but you can have more confidence that anyone in the garage is a lot safer, because the rubber absorbs a lot of the impact in the event of a fall. This also means that items stored in the garage are kept a lot safer. Fragile items will be less prone to breaking if they happen to be dropped or fall off the workbench or garage shelf. It also means the garage is safer for kids and pets, if you happen to have them. While installing rubber tile in the garage isn’t exactly iron-clad protection against all possible events, it does go a long way in making the space much safer for all.

rubber garage flooring installation

Photo: rubber garage flooring installation

  1. Water Resistance is Built In

Some garages contain components from the buildings’ water system. Some even have their own separate bathrooms. When an issue happens with one of these systems, the garage is one of the first areas to become water damaged. Even a simple liquid spill can happen and result in a lasting issue, but water is never a concern when you have a rubber floor. The rubber is water resistant, staying in tact despite what liquids may come its way.

  1. Forget About Fire Damage

The flooring in a garage has the potential to be exposed to a lot of heat, even flames. If it’s not the right type of floor, then there’ll be damage for sure, but to choose rubber is to pick the right material for protection against damage of this type. Whether it’s a dropped cigarette, heat from machinery, or even a small explosion from overheated chemicals, the floor can resist being burned. The walls, however, are a different story.

  1. Simply Smart Sound Proofing

Worried about being disturbed or disturbing others by the noisy sound of a car pulling in and out the garage. Sound proofing can prevent such disruptions, and that makes rubber ideal for the garage floor. The rubber tiles act as barriers to the sound, reducing the sound of sound by as much as 18 decibels.

  1. An Enhanced Interior

Sure, garages are normally dull, boring places when it comes to design and décor, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Choosing as rubber floor means you get to choose from a plethora of color options. You can get a floor to match the look of the building’s exterior so that the property remains looking stylish, even when the garage is hanging open.

Updated: January 3, 2015 — 5:19 am
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