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bath towels made in usa

We understand when you’re in the store eyeing stacks upon stacks of towels it can be tough to choose one. Every towel declares to be the most absorbent, the quickest drying, and the softest to the touch. Which ones actually measure up to their pledges?

Made in USA: how to choose best bath towels?

To learn the experts in the Textile Lab at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI, based in USA) tested two towels from 55 lines, utilizing our advanced devices to discover what takes place to them after they’ve been through 25 wash and dry cycles. And yes, we washed and dried 110 towels 25 times each! Here’s what we tried to find:

Absorbency: This is numero uno since, after all, if a towel isn’t really going to dry you off what’s the point in using it? On each towel, we poured a set quantity of water and determined just how much ran.

Drying Time: Is there anything worse than coming out of the shower and finding your towel is still damp from yesterday … and moldy-smelling to boot? We damp each towel with the very same quantity of water and timed how long it required to air dry.

Shrinking: To discover up out which bath towels from USA will end up being much smaller sized towels than you anticipated, we measured each one when it was brand brand-new, and after that once more after the 1st and 5th wash cycles. (Generally the majority of shrinking takes place after the 1st and 5th washes.).

Strength: Will the towel hold up if your kids use it to play yank of war? Using the Instron, a device that determines fabric strength, we extended the towels until they ripped to find out just how much force it would take to tear each.

Bleeding: Along with each one of our towels, we washed a cream-colored swatch to see if bright-colored towels were likely to bleed onto other items in the wash.

Crocking: To you, this indicates the marks that your towel can leave on your white trousers if any of the color transfers. Our Crockmeter, an abrasion device, rubbed a piece of white material against each test towel to see if its color was moved to the example.

Look: After 2,750 cycles– that’s how many washes and dries we did– we utilized our expert eyes to see if the towels had pilled, faded, snagged, or altered shape.

When you’re in the US store, there are a few easy tests you can do to choose the best towel for you. You can try things like checking the label to see if the towel is made from 100 % combed cotton (to make sure the towels are especially absorbent) and checking out the weight of the towel (heavier is much better!). For more easy buying tips, make sure to take a look at our towel buying guide.

Updated: February 12, 2016 — 6:06 pm
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