Coverlet Bedding Trends and Prices in 2015

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Coverlets are lightweight non-reversible bedding that are either woven or quilted. They are designed to offer a decorative layer on your bed. You can use one during the warm season when you do not need something heavy. It is also possible to use them as stand alone covering but this will depend on how much the coverlet weights. They also make a great throw for a sofa or bed. If you are shopping for a coverlet bedding, there are various designs to select from. They also come in various materials including (main definitions):

  • Microfiber
  • Wool
  • Cotton

Coverlet bedding trends and prices in 2015

Here are a few coverlet bedding trends and prices in 2015 to keep in mind as you shop.

 Matelasse Design

There has been an increasing interest in matelasse design coverlets. This design is quite versatile and it is suitable for use on a formal tailored bed. You can also use the design to achieve a laid-back look by layering it or using it as a standalone. A matalesse design coverlet cost is about $80. You can wrap a coverlet over your duvet and duvet cover. This helps reduce puffiness. You can also add a throw if you follow this trend to offer an extra layer that will make your composition more inviting and captivating.

 Faux Fur Embroidery

If you are looking for a coverlet that will add some elegance to your bedroom, choose one with some faux fur embroidery in colors such as ivory. The embroidery makes the coverlet stunning. You can choose one that has embroidery all over and some scalloped edges to make it even more stylish. This type of coverlet will cost you between $129 and $139.

2015: Pictures of Coverlet Bedding Trends


 Floral gauze

If you have a traditional bedroom, floral gauze is a great choice. This design helps to add some visual appeal to the room. Select appealing floral designs in a subtle but elegant color to bring out the best aspect of your room. All you will need to do is add some decorative pillows to revamp your bedroom. The floral gauze will cost you about $269.

 Coastal Coverlet

A coastal coverlet allows you to bring a seaside feel into your bedroom. Some of the coastal designs include navy anchor motifs to complete the seaside look. This trend can cost you between $149 and $219.

 Microber Ground

Another coverlet trend in 2015 is the use of microfiber grounds. You can select coverlets in various vibrant colors such as fuschia to brighten your room. You will spend from $69 to $99 for this trend.


 These are just some of the bedding trends you can explore when shopping for coverlets. Select the right material for your coverlet depending on how you intend to use it. A microfiber coverlet is a great choice for all seasons.

You also need to think about the coverlet size, color, and design. The décor in your room should influence your choice. When it comes to size, you do not have to stick to the standard options.

The objective is to find something that will work well for your specific space. Look at many options before you choose a specific one.

Updated: September 9, 2015 — 4:25 pm
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