Exterior Doors: Buying Guide

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A home’s entry door is among the first things people notice about a home. Its color, design, and condition are a huge part of how a building looks from the exterior. A trendy, properly maintained exterior door can set a home apart from those around it.

Exterior doors: purchasing guide


An exterior door has the tough job of keeping the outside out and the within in. It is routinely showered by rainfall, baked in extreme sun, and dusted by wind and dirt. Since the entry door is the first door visitors make use of in a house, it’s a great idea making sure it works as it should. These exterior doors are exposed to more harsh conditions than their indoor brethren.

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If an entry door is made of wood, it is most likely to swell, shrink, and bow gradually. This will trigger the door to stick at times, and at other times leave space for a draft. The very best method to prevent this is making sure that your door is appropriately sealed prior to it is installed. If bowing is already present, an excellent storm door can remove drafts (if setting up a storm door, be careful to make sure that it depends upon the exact same side as the existing door).

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A door that sticks can be shaved and sanded, then resealed. A fiberglass door won’t have the exact same problems as a wooden one. High end fiberglass doors need hardly any upkeep, and do a great task recreating the look and feel of a wood door, though they are a bit more pricey.


Both wood and fiberglass entry doors will have to be touched up every couple of years to keep them looking their finest. If the door is exposed to a great deal of direct sunlight, ensure that you utilize a paint or finish that is formulated to soak up ultra violet light. This will help the color last longer. If a wood exterior door is exposed to a lot of rain and wetness, plan on resealing it on all surfaces (consisting of leading and bottom) with high quality paint or varnish. Holes made by screws or nails can likewise be sealed.

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Exterior Door Options

If you’re thinking of replacing your existing exterior door, there are a couple of various alternatives to think about. The wood door is, of course, the most typical and most standard. They require a reasonable quantity of care, however a well preserved one can be both stunning and long-term. Fiberglass doors, though more pricey than their equivalents, are becoming significantly popular. They provide exceptional insulation and very little upkeep. Steel doors are easy to maintain and are rather cost-effective. They also give a level of security that is unmatched, and are typically fire-rated.

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Additional Notes for Exterior Door Buyers

  •  The color of your exterior door is a declaration about your home itself. It should be thought about, though, that lighter colors hold up much better gradually and will therefore require less maintenance.
  •  To ensure a correct welcome, it’s a great idea to frequently check both the outdoors lights and the doorbell making sure they are working correctly.
  •  Check your doormat. This is a product that’s designed to take a lot of abuse, and after a while it will reveal. A modest financial investment at most, it can enhance the beyond your house, along with keeping the inside track complimentary. Besides, you just did all that deal with the door.
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