Futons vs Sofa Beds: Pro’s, Con’s, Pictures

Futon of curved mattress on a wooden prop

It’s pretty good having the ability to have a place for visitors to sleep over when required. I understand it’s not enjoyable viewing your family or friends repel for the night as they make their method to the nearest hotel. Often we simply do not have an additional bedroom making their stay possible.

It makes sense that you simply want an occasional location for someone to crash if needed. So when you don’t have a guest room, exactly what do you do? Well there is the age ol concern, do you go with a futon, or a sofa bed? Well Ive broken down the pro’s and Cons and you can decide what works very well for you.


Futon with wooden base and a soothing color mattress

Futon Pro’s.

Much more comfy to sleep on. You can choose the bed mattress you desire, and it can be as tough or as soft as you ‘d like.

They can easily fit 2 individuals easily. Just make certain you get the ideal size pad.

Budget friendly. You can get more for your dollar if you go with a futon.

Futon Con’s.

These are not the most visually appealing furniture pieces. They can look low-cost and probably remind you of your very first home out of college.

They are not very comfortable to rest on. They can often be lumpy as well as challenging to obtain from.


Small Green Sleeper Sofa

Sofa Bed Pro’s.

No one understands the distinction. It resembles a routine lovely sofa. It simply likewise occurs to be a place to sleep.

Sofa beds are a lot more satisfying to sit on, as well as leave.

Sofa Bed Con’s.

More costly. If you wish to get one, you want to ensure it’s a great one. These can be very expensive. You actually do not wish to skimp on among these.

Less mattresses options. You can be flexible when choosing the general measurements, as well as the design of the sofa. Nevertheless this isn’t the case with the mattress.

They don’t last too long as they are typically stuck in a folded position. So they can start to droop and get fairly unpleasant after a while.


If you want something that would act as a sofa 90 % of the time, then I state get a sofa bed. You require something that can be used for both purposes, and you’re pleased with with time. It’s a lot more comfortable to rest on, and looks nicer on the eyes. Once more, be prepared to invest some cash on a fantastic one. Likewise, I recommend getting a mattress pad to lay down on top of, it makes a world of distinction.

However, if you need a place for visitors to sleep on regularly, then you may want to go futon. You’re simply gon na hear all of the problems from your visitors about how uncomfortable it truly is. Or, if you have passive aggressive guests, they will simply begin remaining at a hotel just to avoid the uncomfortable conversation. Fear not, there are some fantastic futons out there that are actually much nicer than exactly what you might be utilized to. Here are some great examples of futons that are actually trying to up their game.

Difference between a sofa bed and a futon in pictures

Updated: October 31, 2015 — 5:29 pm
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