Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

Laminate flooring with wood pattern in Grey bathroom concepts

Bathroom trends are ever altering, and how you pull them off will depend upon many things, including your very own specific design, the size of your bathroom and the feel and look of the rest of your house.

With all that to ponder, we believed we would display a trend that is basic to manage, will not head out of fashion and will look fantastic no matter the size of your space … Grey!

Grey bathroom ideas

Kindly do not panic at the mention of grey. It’s a colour that’s all too often connected with negative things like rain clouds or bad moods – which is really quite unjust. If done well, grey can add an actual uplift to your bathroom design, making it look modern-day, brilliant and ultra-stylish.

most stylish grey bathroom designs ideas 2016

There are many different tones of grey to utilize, all of which co-ordinate brilliantly with other brighter coloured accessories, like a lime green towel or perhaps a baby pink bath mat! Grey likewise adds a relaxing feel to any space, which, if you think of it, is precisely what you need in exactly what must be the most peaceful room in your home.

The good news is the days of avocado bathroom suites are behind us, indicating it’s highly most likely your bathroom will feature white ceramics. This makes it preferably fit for the addition of a couple of grey elements, without overpowering the space. So here are a few grey bathroom concepts for you to attempt:

Walls repainted grey

Painting the walls a dark slate grey will help making any other colours actually stand apart, producing a glamorous feel to the room. Matching dark walls with white furnishings and a pop of colour through towels and other accessories works actually well.

Use a grey tiles

These Zena Grey Glazed Porcelain tiles will assist to develop a light, spa-like environment for you to enjoy.

Stone mosaic and white rug in Grey bathroom concepts

Grey tiles are a great method to add colour to your decor, without needing to change or revamp the entire bathroom. These can either be for the walls or the floor, or perhaps even both (depending upon your budget).

Shady work

Shakespeare Black Roll Top Bath with Ball Feet Using a range of various tones of grey includes an actual touch of style and high-end. Why not aim to combining grey and white walls or flooring with black furnishings? We believe this room looks beautiful with a mix of subtle colours.

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