Incredible Decorating Tips for Small Balcony Spaces

Tiny balcony ideas

If your home has a balcony, then feel fortunate. A balcony is a great way of enjoying the outdoor air without leaving your home. To top it off, you can get a great view of the city. Yet, you may be dismayed by the idea of your small balcony. Worry not, this article is going to show you how to make the most of your small balcony.

So, how to decorate tiny balcony? What kind of things I should put in it? And, what additions that will make my balcony more relaxing? This article is going to help you with that!

There are many ideas for decorating your small balcony and each one of them is unique in its own way. For example let’s start with your balcony flooring. The imitation of glass stands out among the available choices. Why? It makes the interior of the balcony to have the effect of a garden.

Moreover, it is one of the easiest options to apply. The beauty of this kind of flooring lies on its compact nature. It can fit into your small balcony space because it uses a few inches of grass (artificial) and this makes it an affordable alternative.

Balcony Flooring

If you want to the biggest impact for the least effort, then balcony flooring should be your priority. Your best option is to get a kind of imitation grass flooring. Not only it’s easy to install, but it will also make your balcony appear and feel as if it’s a real garden. Also, since you have a small balcony, you will only need a few meters of imitation grass.

Small balcony: furniture

The furniture in your balcony is another item that you don’t need to overlook. However, the lack of enough space in your balcony calls for a creative technique of minimizing the space used. Getting smart furniture designs that consume the least space but are still very decorative can be ideal for you. For that reason, two chairs are enough in your tiny balcony space. It is important to choose cheerful colors that will increase the aesthetic of your balcony.

Then the next important addition to a small balcony is the furniture. Choose furniture that is designed to work well with small spaces, like folding chairs and tables. The right kind furniture will give you the option of having one table and a chair. Choose colors that are bright and cheerful. This will make the atmosphere of your balcony livelier.

Another great idea is to add fixtures in which you can hang extra tables and chairs. This is another reason why you would want to get folding furniture. Also, choose the right color so your folded chairs and tables would appear as if part of the theme.

You can also add cushions as they are trendy and will make a lovely addition. Since cushions come in a lot of colors, sizes and forms, you will have no problem finding the right one that fits to the theme and the size of your balcony.


Additionally, you can furnish the interior of your small balcony with cushions. Cushions are trendy these days and they are customized in different unique sizes, colors and forms.

Small balcony chairs

Perhaps you may need extra seats in your balcony but the size limits you. Getting folding chairs that can be hung on a wall is a pretty idea that can save a lot of space. The seats can be unfolded and arranged in the small balcony when need arises. Remember, choosing hanging chairs with bright colors will add the beauty of the walls on which they are hung.

Plants on small balcony garden

After you are done with flooring and furniture, in comes the loveliest part: plants. Having plants and flowers in your balcony space will bring a refreshing and lively atmosphere that you will definitely love. The good thing with plants and flowers is that, they are never too much however much you may put them in the available space.

Perhaps you would love your small balcony to have a cheerful ambience and have the imitation of an outdoor garden. Plants and flowers will guarantee you that. It is important to opt for plant pots that have different sizes. The pots are hung on the walls vertically. They can also be hung on the edge of the balcony. If space allows, some pots can be placed on the flow to complete a perfect balcony appearance.

After the flooring and furniture, you may be asking what’s next. Well, it’s time to add plants, of course! Your balcony won’t feel as refreshing and lively if it doesn’t have plants, it’s as simple as that. In fact, free to add them everywhere and all around. It’s hard to make a mistake by adding more plants. Your balcony will not only feel as if it’s an outdoor garden, but it would also exuberantly a cheerful ambiance.

Choose the right plant pots. Have different colors and sizes. Choose pots that are designed for a vertical wall or on the edge of the balcony. You can also add pots on the floor if there is still room.


To finish your balcony-decorating project, you may have to accessorize. Since your balcony space is limited, your best option is small decorative items. The best place is to put them is the table. You can also add lamps or hanging bulbs. You don’t have to accessorize too much as your main decorative pieces are the plant pots.

You may have a small balcony, but it doesn’t mean that it has to be dull and lifeless. All you need are a few balcony decorating ideas to turn a dull and boring balcony to a lively, vibrant and cheerful one. When decorating, put a priority on the flooring, furniture, plant and accessories, as these are the ones that give you the “best bang for the buck”.


In any tiny balcony, accessories can never be overlooked. They come in to finish the decorative look of your balcony. Plant pots, lamps and any decorative items are also important as far as the aesthetic of your balcony is concerned.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply the balcony decorating ideas in your home now and you will love the results. Take action!

Updated: September 17, 2015 — 3:42 pm
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