Most Effective Types Of Wardrobe Closet

Nice wardrobe closet

Wardrobe closets are important fixtures needed for the storage, organization and protection of clothing. There are many different types of wardrobe closets available in the market and finding one should not be a daunting task.

However, the broad variation makes it overwhelming to choose effective wardrobe closet that will meet all your requirements. It is important to make a few considerations and compare different closet before the purchase decision. Here is a description of some of the most effective types of wardrobe closets that can be used. Each type is suitable for a range of applications depending on individual requirements.

Corner wardrobe closet

Corner wardrobe closetThis is perhaps one of the most popular types of wardrobe closet you can find today. They are designed to fit in corners of the room and take the least space. Whether you have a separate room for your wardrobe and fashion wear or you use the bedroom as part of the closet, a corner wardrobe closet will never disappoint. Choose closets that exhibit ultimate durability and resistance to scratching.

Wardrobes with half shelf cabinets, half drawers and half hanging storage space are the best option to choose. This is because they offer distinguished storage space which makes it easy to separate cloths according to type and design.

Corner closets can be fixed or built in the surrounding wall. They may also be free standing and movable which means you can alternate its location from time to time. However, the closets are designed to use the support of two corners of a wall and therefore have a distinct shape.

Freestanding closet wardrobes

These wardrobe closets are also very popular. They are effective especially in modern open plan designs that have fewer walls. Like the name suggests, these wardrobes can be placed anywhere in the house along the walls, at the center or at a corner as desired. They are designed with a strong base for support and also come with different closet cabinetry styles.

Freestanding closet wardrobes are perfect options for those with large indoor spaces or where there are no walls which can provide support.

Some of the things to look for in a freestanding closet include style and design, base support and stability, durability and exterior protective finishing. It is likely that the closet will be placed in an area experiencing high traffic and elements such as dust. It must therefore depict durability and ease of cleaning and moving.

Freestanding closet wardrobes

Portable wardrobe closet

Portability is one of the most sought conveniences when it comes to wardrobe closets. These are basically closets that can be easily moved around without consuming too much effort. They usually weigh lighter than other options and come with mobility-enhanced bases. They feature small wheels that aid movement and locks that restrict the same.

A portable closet can be placed anywhere in the room as desired and is also easy to take along to vacation trips. They come in varying sizes ranging from small traveling closets to wide in-house closets that can be moved to different places by simply dragging them to the required location.

Check for the wheel and lock design to ensure it has no friction and moves swiftly with the least effort.

Portable wardrobe closet

Built in wardrobe closet

Many home owners are choosing to install built in closet as opposed to portable or freestanding wardrobes.

A built in closet offers several benefits that include security, ease of access and effective storage cabinet space.

These closets often come with cabinet shelve of varying sizes to ensure all wardrobe items fit in. choose closets of appropriate sizes and install them in easy-to-access locations within the house. The installation area should be open and easy to clean to prevent hidden attacks by pests and/or elements. Size, design and durability are the three most important things to consider when choosing built in wardrobe closets.

Built in wardrobe closet

There are various other effective closets to choose from. It is always important to ensure size, design and toughness specifications meet your requirements.


Since many wardrobe closets exist in the market, buying from genuine licensed distributors is your best chance of landing original quality. Compare closets from different distributors and choose one that meets all your needs at affordable prices. The above mentioned wardrobe closets are some of the most effective types that can be used at home. Choosing any of them will depend on personal preferences as well as available space and interior layout.

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