Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends in 2015/2016

Top kitchen trends in 2014-2015

The kitchen is an important part of any homes. In fact, it is usually referred to as the “heart of the home”. Whether yours has aged decades or it has undergone some modern changes, you might want to consider giving it a whole new look for 2015.

2015: Kitchen Design Ideas

There are many kitchen ideas in the market today ranging from innovative kitchen materials, attractive colors and modern appliances among many other designs that will give your kitchen a drastic modern look. Try using the following 2015 creative kitchen ideas to boost the look of your kitchen and make it feel warm and welcoming all over again.

White elegan kitchen design for villa

  1. Change the building materials

If you have an old kitchen, it is probably made up of out-dated materials that were popular in earlier years. The market has now changed and new alternative designs have been invented. It is high time you swap those old components with the new ones to give your kitchen a fresh look. You can start by changing the look of your kitchen cabinet and give them the hot and trending look of metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.

Modern white kitchen with pendants

  1. Give your countertops a new look

Most kitchens consist of countertops. However, new designs have flooded the real estate market. Many beautiful and durable materials are being used to make kitchen counter tops and you should be left behind. You can make your choice from a wide variety of materials some of which include resin, marble and granite. You can also decide to add a unique to your kitchen by using tiles, concrete or bricks for counter tops; they all are very competitive kitchen designs.

Small Kitchen Idea for studio apartments

  1. Get rid of the upper kitchen cabinets

Old kitchen models have both bottom and top cabinets. However, the modern kitchen designs view the top cabinets as something that is only meant to fill what the eyes see. You can do away with those cabinets and make use of the bottom ones. This helps to free up the wall and adds color to your kitchen. You will be surprised at how good your kitchen will look without the upper cabinets.

Bootom cabinets solution in modern kitchen

  1. Change the flooring

If there is any field that has really improved when it comes to home improvement, it is flooring deigns and flooring materials. There is actually no point of having old fashioned flooring that has aged decades in your kitchen anymore. Some of the most resilient flooring materials that you should consider using to modernize your kitchen, some of them include tiles, wooden flooring or stone flooring. A professional designer should be able to advice you as to what you need.

Small kitchen idea with wooden flooring

  1. Use more energy efficient appliances

Everything today is about environmental conservation and almost everyone is going green. Why not contribute to the environmental conversation through use of energy efficient appliances. Use of energy efficient appliances in your kitchen gives your kitchen a modern touch plus it helps you save on water and electricity expenses.

Mosaic on a wall in modern kitchen design

With all these ideas, you can’t miss something suitable for your kitchen. You only need to be a bit creative and you will get what you need.

Most Popular Kitchen Designs and Trends in 2014/2015 (Top of the year)

Updated: October 16, 2015 — 7:05 pm
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