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Corridors are very important part of your home. They are “face” of your house – so they have to be special and trendy. Hallways are narrower than the typical space. This space is also really difficult to embellish because of uninterrupted space that is marked with long stretches. We suggest you not to neglect them.

They will represent you and your way of life, gave a vital message of you and your lifestyle right from the entrance. Corridors are providing us bunch of chances. Offering us their splendor of design, which picked by you, can be contemporary, traditional, o whatever you choose. Put some household pictures, choose best ones and hang them. It is excellent idea, and everybody will see it.

Excellent idea is to gather uncommon mirrors grouped on a white wall. They will develop a fascinating and wacky function wall that will make your hallway just perfect.
This area is a genuine treasure and we recommend to make them reliable. Combine furnishings, mix designs and you will get ideal result. Include your character to the design of your house and have fun creating it.

Here are some cool ideas that are valuable especially for those of you who have small area for your hallway. Use this area the best you can. Here are a couple of imaginative designs. Check out this short article and select design that best suits you and your little area.

Numerous urban dwellers, particularly in cities like San Francisco and New York, must contend with long and frequently narrow corridors. Decorating such reedy, lengthened areas can be intimidating. At worst, such passages can look like those in trains or boring motels. There are numerous methods one can change long hallways by playing with scale and perspective so as to accentuate the walls, the ceiling or the floor, thereby separating the dull area into smaller fragments.

These corridors utilize a variety of decorating tricks. Some make use of wallpaper and innovative paint colors to add richness to the space. Others draw attention to completion of the hallway with remarkable furniture or lighting or darker colors (which can assist truncate the length of the hall). Others make use of artwork and mirrors along the walls to distract the eye (I prefer bigger pieces to the chaotic, hectic appearance that has a lot of frames). Another intriguing alternative is to merely welcome the drama of the long hallway instead of aiming to fight it, turning the passage into a virtually coy and mysterious drawn-out entree to the more robust rooms that live beyond.

What are your tricks for handling a long home Hallway?


1. Bashford & Dale Interior Design. In the photo left wing, the designers put frames of the same size along the entire length of the hallway. They utilized a framed series of photos from the Monty Python sketch Ministry of Funny Walks, which collectively produce a stop-motion impact. The designers discuss that this effect could be repeated with family photos, prints, or animation stills. The 2nd image shows a “ghosted” table made from an old flea market console, which was cut and attached to the wall. This dazzling idea provides simply enough surface area for secrets however insufficient space to bring in mess.

2. Fresh Home via Modize. How cool are these gold wall hooks and built in white racks?

3. Desire to Inspire. The use of round shapes is an inspired visual technique for offsetting the rectangular expanse of this hallway.

4. Amanda & Lincoln’s Eclectic Modern Home. The fun modern-day light and geometric rug turn this hallway into rather a charming little alcove. And the light grey paint is creamy and soft versus the brilliant white paneling.

5. The French Eye. In this white hallway, the floor takes center stage, supported by wall sconces, a few frames and green-grey trim.


6. The French Eye. A rich brown wall is embellished with a modern-day cubby shelving system and a few odd chairs. It is uncertain that the dealing with wall looks like however a white wall would supply good contrast.

7. Lisa & Clay’s Artsy and Calm Collaboration. A long picture ledge along one wall helps break the dullness of this hallway without getting in the way or producing visual mess.

8. Attic Mag via 5 Ways to Decorate a Long Hallway. Instead of softening or balancing out the length of this hallway, the decorator chose to have a good time with the railway result. With its striped rug and unadorned walls, this long corridor makes a big, strong and remarkable statement.

9. Desire to Inspire. Exactly what do you think of this dense cluster of red frames, which collectively act as a single art piece?

10. Via Home Design Find: bubble lights.

Pictures of Narrow Hallway & Corridor Decorating Ideas

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