Nautical Décor Tips for Your Bathroom

Nautical Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Some people get delighted at the very thought of ships, ocean breeze, sails, and sea creatures. If you are amongst them, but are not lucky enough to have your home by the sea, then you can very easily create a sea like atmosphere at your home and enjoy its beauty.

One of the best ways to create such atmosphere would be to design a nautical themed bathroom. To help you get started, some of the best nautical bathroom décor ideas are discussed below that you can start following right away.

Some simple yet effective nautical bathroom décor ideas

Blue Is the Color

When considering nautical décor for a bathroom, what other color can you think of apart from the color of water, blue? You can opt for any shades of this color, but just make sure they go well with the other décor and the natural lighting that enters your bathroom. If direct sunlight has no scope of entry into your bathroom then it will be best if dark shades of blue are avoided.

Nautical Bathroom Decorating Ideas blue color


The best option is sky blue with white colored wallpaper or tiles, as this will make your bathroom look more spacious. If you are amongst those who like designer bathroom tiles, then you can find those with designs of blue dolphins or fishes on them.

The Bathtub

You can opt for a normal bathtub in blue or white shades that looks good with the color you have chosen for your bathroom. If, however, you are on no budget, then you can have a custom-made ship bathtub installed into your bathroom. In fact, the hook where sails are hanged can also be used as a towel holder.

Nautical Bathroom Decorating bathtub

The Curtains

Bathroom curtains in the nautical theme are required not only for privacy, but they can easily help you enhance the effects of your chosen theme. You can opt for bathroom curtains that have designs of fishes and various underwater creatures, or image of a lighthouse in white and red stripes.

The Windows

To get the right look you can modify the windows of your bathrooms and instead make use of porthole windows. If you do not want to change your original windows, then you can paint them in white color, and add some seaweed to the window sill. You may also plant some beach plants in a glass jar filled with sand, and place them in your window sill.

The Right Accessories

If you have planned this nautical themed bathroom for your kid, then you can include lots of rubber sea creatures or plastic toys in the bathtub.

To add to the feel you can place a big fish tank in the bathroom.

Try to find a nautical themed soap dispenser and dish. For instance, a soap dish shaped like a lobster or mermaid would look just perfect.

To add nautical anchor in bathroom décor, you can hang a replicated or antique anchor in the bathroom or on the bathroom door.

 Pros and Cons of a Nautical Themed Bathroom


  •  It makes your bathroom look fresh and new
  •  It is a blessing in disguise for marine lovers
  •  supports addition of fish and water at home for harmony and peace


  • You perhaps will not want to come out of your bathroom or at least spend longer hours than usual.

These are some simple yet effective nautical bathroom décor ideas. Follow these tips and turn your mundane bathroom into a whole new marine world.

Updated: January 8, 2015 — 12:28 pm
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