Sampling the most popular paint colors used by designers

Best Paint Colors Designers Always Use

You are always looking to redecorate, and getting started is quite easy. However, when you get to the point where paints have to be chosen, you are always conflicted. Everyone wants a choice that not only reflects their personality, but also blends in well with other features such as landscaping.

So how do you make the perfect choice? Here is a look at some of the best colors to experiment with, as laid down by professional interior designers.

  1. Garden Stone

Garden Stone Color

Garden Stone Color

This is a light shade of gray, and its biggest advantage is that it does not peel off easy. It outlives a lot of other colors and creates a natural look and feel.

  1. Palladian Blue
Palladian Blue

Palladian Blue Color in use

The thing about this shade of blue is that it is classy, regardless of the area you apply it in. You do not have to fuss over where to use it because it looks great whether in the kitchen or in the bedroom. If you are looking to lower the heat levels in a sunny room, this is your solution. At the same time, you will find the color amazing as a theme setter for a great bedroom.

  1. Compatible Cream
Compatible Cream

Effective using Compatible Cream color

This is a yellow, but it is not really that sunny. Its advantage is that it marries very well with other colors, creating a flawless transition in design.

  1. Manchester Tan

Manchester TanYou are going to love this one anywhere in your home. The beauty of it all is that it seems to change shades depending on the location and intensity of light.

  1. Sprout.06

Sprout.06 – looks nice

This is the perfect choice for ceilings, and the reason is that the color is so pink that it is completely unique from all others in the room. It also throws nice beams to everyone below, creating a picturesque atmosphere.

  1. Intense White
Intense White

Intense White Decor color

Intense White is a modern hue and despite the name, it has a soft gray tone. It is the ideal color if you are looking to use it mainly as an elegant backdrop.

  1. Decorator’s White

Decorator’s WhiteThe shade of white is one of the crispiest around, throwing off great beams whenever the light shines through. If you are looking for bright ceilings, this is the way to go. It is also a great color for those who want a flawless bathroom aura.

  1. Revere Pewter
Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter in design

Open floor plans look best when this color is used. It marries very well with both modern and traditional styles and fits right in with all palettes.

  1. Wool Skein
Wool Skein

Wool Skein for small and medium rooms

Wool Skein is one of the simplest colors to work with, mainly because it brings out the best in neighboring shades.

  1. Essential Gray
Essential Gray

Essential Gray always in trend

Those looking for sophisticated backdrops will definitely want to sample this option. When used alongside other choices such as white trim, the feel is warm all around.

You have a lot at your disposal in the way of color, so take advantage of it all. The best designs are the ones that show personality and are elegant at the same time. Whatever you do, avoid shades that scream.


Updated: September 7, 2015 — 11:24 am
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