The Difference between Bathroom and Kitchen Tiles

Bathroom tiles of light coffee color with the texture of wood

Tiles are commonly made use of in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom because of their practicality. However did you understand there’s a difference in between the tiles you should utilize in your kitchen and those for your bathroom?

Selecting the right type is not as easy and entering into a shop and picking the most appealing or economical design.

The Kitchen Tiles

Dark Blue Kitchen Tiles For Backsplash Tiles For Kitchen

In the kitchen, you can use tiles for the floor, walls or backsplash. Kitchen floor tiles are created to withstand heavy traffic and are very durable. They are likewise resistant to spills and discolorations.

kitchen tile backsplash designs: kitchen tile backsplash designs backsplash beauteous kitchen kitchen ideas

The ones for the backsplash, on the other hand, have an ornamental function so they can be made from glass, porcelain, metal and so on. Of course, they are developed to withstand grease and need little upkeep.

The Bathroom Tiles

In the bathroom, there’s generally a lot of wetness so the tiles you make use of here need to withstand these conditions. Floor tiles are not slippery so they normally include a subtle raised pattern. Normally, bathroom tiles are made from ceramic, porcelain or natural stone.

big tiles in the bathroom

The floor tiles for bathrooms are small in size in order to help with drainage.

Luxury beautiful tiled slabs on the walls in the bathroom

The tiles used for the bathroom walls are larger in size and can showcase attractive patterns and designs. They can have a shiny finish.

a combination of dark brown and the color of coffee with milk tiled stoves in the bathroom

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