The Main Pros and Cons of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes that you Should Know

contemporary fitted wardrobes

How you keep your house organized will have a great impact its tidiness. Bedrooms are the most affected parts in any homesteads, and the best way through which you can improve this situation is by furnishing them accordingly. Clothing contributes a lot to this mess but with the perfect wardrobe this will be a sorted case.

Among the many wardrobes that are on the market, fitted bedroom wardrobes have been preferred by many as the best choice for their homes. But always there are two sides of the coin. Here are some of the main pros and cons of these wardrobes.

Pros of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

1. Functionality comfort
With these wardrobes in your bedrooms, it becomes very to check on the clothes that you use daily. Vast majority of them are spacious enough to allow for a very quick search. So whenever you wake up late for the work, you do not have worry about searching for cloth to wear. This is an advantage that is not found in other types of wardrobes in the market.

2. Space utilization
If your bedroom has areas that can be utilized according e.g. around the bedroom corner, this is the perfect choice of wardrobe to go. It is possible to design contemporary fitted wardrobes even in sharpest corner of the house. It can be designed in to take the shape of that corner, and this will be plus in utilizing odd space you feel that it might not be useful for anything.

3. Personalizing Pattern and designed
There is always the advantage of having fitted bedroom wardrobes designed to your specifications. Each person has their taste on how they would like their bedroom to look like. You will be able to direct the designer/joiner on exactly what you want. They implement this personalized information to make you a beautiful closet of your choice. This is a great benefit that will see to it that you have realized that beautiful bedroom that you always wished for.

4. Flexibility in design
You can include all manners of designs that you would like while designing the closet. Ensure that you have consulted with the joiner at earlier designing stage. If you would love to include the pull-out shelves, hanging racks or even hideaway cabinets you can do so. By this, you will be in a position to organize your bedroom effectively as you like.

Pictures of amazing design of contemporary fitted wardrobes

Cons of Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

1. It cannot be moved
If you realize that the closet was not placed in the right position in the house, then there is no option of changing it. You will have to live with it in that position or you may call the joiner again to start the work afresh. This will apparently cost you more and is not worth it. Therefore, plan for the closet critically before initiating its construction.

2. Choice limitation
If you are planning to install contemporary fitted wardrobes around the corners, then you must be very selective. Some of them like the sliding door wardrobes do not fit in the corners. This simply means that your choice will be limited by the available space in your bedroom.

These are the main pros and cons that you should be on the lookout whenever you are planning to buy/install such wardrobes for your bedroom.

Updated: January 7, 2015 — 7:10 am
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