Top Children’s Room DIY Divider Ideas with Pictures

Children's room divider by panels

Most children cherish their privacy, but sharing a bedroom with their siblings often puts a check to this issue. This however shouldn’t be a problem, by utilizing room dividers, you can partition a shared bedroom into private sections.

You can set up these items to meet your children’s spatial requirements and adequately use all available floor space. To which end, the following are some ideas on how to install a DIY children’s room divider in an infinitely economical manner.

Children’s Room DIY divider Ideas

Curtain panels

Inexpensive panels of curtain can aid in partitioning your children’s room into 2 distinct areas. You can use a curtain rod that is set on robust brackets, enabling it to hang effortlessly from the ceiling.

Curtain panels for children's room DIY

Curtain panels for children’s room DIY

  • Position the curtain at the epicenter of the room to create symmetrical areas on either of its side.
  • For much bigger rooms, you may utilize 2 curtain rods.
  • You can fasten metallic curtain rings using clips at the upper part of pre-made drapery panels.
  • You should then suitably adjust the panel lengths by folding the top of the curtain prior to fixing the clip.
  • Curtain rings can move conveniently about the rods, which permits your kids to shut them whenever they wish.
  • Depending on their inclinations you can opt for either sheer or heavyweight panels

To reduce the costs, you may like to use fabrics in place of finished panels.

White children's room divider with shelved wall

White children’s room divider with shelved wall

Furniture room dividers DIY

This is one of the most affordable room dividers solutions.

  • To begin with, you can place a double sided bookshelf at the middle of the room to offer a solid room partitioning that can also provide sufficient storage areas. For optimal safety, it is prudent to ensure that the shelf is held in place at its bottom to prevent it toppling over.

Alternatively, you can utilize an open shelf , which can also serve the same role.

Panel divider in kids room

Panel divider in kids room

  • Its sheer properties will provide minimal visual privacy, while also presenting a open and airy ambience.
  • You can position wire baskets on the empty shelves along with striking plastic bins for holding electronic devices, art provisions or even toys.

Another excellent room divider solution can be the exact way you position your children’s beds.

Thick wall as divider DIY

Thick wall as divider DIY

For instance you can place them at the middle, and mount back to back headboards, which will provide a separate view for each of your kids. You can also proceed to place nightstands besides the beds to offer extra room partitioning.

Artwork partitioning

Large artistic canvases that hang from your children’s room ceiling not only integrate an excellent aesthetic appeal, but can also serve as appropriate dividers.

  • You can wrap a fabric that features quirky prints or whimsical designs to surround framed canvases. Make it a point to fasten the fabric to the frame using staples. Before attaching hurricane tape on the edges to hide the staples.
  • Attach suitable hooks on the upper part of the canvas. You can then hook a chain to connect the canvas hooks to the ceiling at the preferred height.
  • Space the canvas accordingly to provide sufficient legroom for your children.

Alternative children room divider ideas

By folding fabric over the top of a rolling clothing rack, you can fashion an ingenious room partitioning.

  • Cut the dimensions of the fabric to snugly fit within the rack’s metallic frame. This will offer an excellent visual partitioning of the room.
  • You can utilize a double backed hook together with loop tape to attach the upper part of the clothing bar. Your kids will be able to roll the rack whenever they wish for optimal privacy.
Children's room divider with shelves and sections

Children’s room divider with shelves and sections

Conversely, bright strands of crystal beads can provide a DIY children’s room divider that is eye-catching.

  • You can hot glue long strands onto a dowel rod, leaving appropriate spaces.
  • Using craft wire you can wrap the ends of every dowel, before looping onto ceiling hooks to hold them solidly in place.
  • Alternatively, you can fashion much longer partitions with extra dowels rods, prior to lengthening the strands by fastening 2 or more single strands using hot glue.


With any of these ideas, you can be able to offer utmost privacy to your children even if they have to share a room with their siblings. More importantly you can do it without having to break an arm or leg in the process.

Updated: September 17, 2015 — 2:25 pm
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