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While wood floors have certainly come of age these past couple of years, tile flooring is still the most popular flooring choice. With its flexible nature and natural looks in a kitchen or restroom, it’s tough to envision a home without decorative tile.

Offered its vast popularity, tile manufacturers have done their best to give house owners as lots of choices as possible. Nevertheless, some present unique benefits, in price and function, that others do not.

Types of Floor Tile with Pros & Cons information

Below, I will list the significant kinds of tile flooring, in addition to some of their attributes, costs, benefits and drawbacks.

Ceramic Tile

Of all the tile types, ceramic offers by far the most develop possibilities and many specialists concur that it’s the very best value. Ceramic tile is likewise understood for its resistance to stain and vibrant applications.

According to our ceramic tile (material) cost estimator, this ornamental tile is made by blending natural mineral clays and water. Typical tiles are 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick and most typically determine 4X4″. Different sizes are available, however are less typical. The surface can be smooth and glossy or made with a less glossy matte finishing. Some tiles are entrusted a more natural finish, such as terra cotta.

Ceramic Floor Tile

Types of Ceramic Tile

As I said, there many types and designs of ceramic tile:

  • Porcelain Tile: Water resistant and can include various coatings. Some house owners install porcelain tile that has actually been covered with a slip resistant finish.
  • Terra Cotta Tile: Has an extremely natural and earth-toned look, but it needs to be sealed to withstand staining and extend wear.
  • Glazed Tile: Can be single or double fired. Single shooting develops a tougher tile. Gloss surfaces are attractive, however may scratch.
  • Mosaic Tile: Tends to resist staining and are moisture resistant. Furthermore, they will not chip as easily as other types.
  • Quarry Tile: Are normally set up outdoors where the temperatures are moderate to high and rarely reach freezing. They were developed as a durable option to outside weather condition.

Terra Cotta Tile for kitchen floor

Ceramic Tile Costs

To determine the overall expense of ceramic tile, you need to look at the installation and materials costs. As our material estimator mentions, many homeowners pay an optimum of $1,200 or a minimum of $425 for 500sf of ceramic tile. According to our pals over at HomeAdvisor, with the product expenses included, the average cost of a ceramic tile task is $1,912.

To hear more about ceramic tile expenses, let us connect you with a flooring specialist nearby.

Ceramic Tile Prons

As I previously mentioned, ceramic tile will be less expensive than many tile options on the block. Ceramic is very durable and unless you are bowling in your house, it’s really hard to split. Given its hard appearance, ceramic tile is extremely easy to clean and compared with other tile types, you have an abundance of designs to select from.

Ceramic Tile Cons

No flooring comes without its drawbacks. Offered its exterior, some homeowners do not delight in basing on such a tough flooring material. Ceramic tile can’t be softened either. In addition, tough tile surface areas likewise bring the cold. Ceramic tile does not hold heat effectively. While ceramic tile is great in the summertime, it’s not as nice in the winter.

Finally, installing ceramic tile involves a range of various kinds grouts and tools. Similar to this Lowe’s business, setup, whether it be shower or floor tiles, can be tricky.

Stone Tile

When it pertains to the upper echelon of tile floors, lots of people select stone. While ceramic tile is a resilient alternative, there isn’t a safer or more dependable tile alternative than stone. With proper upkeep, it must last a lifetime.

Types of Stone Tile for kitchen

Types of Stone Tile

House owners who choose stone tile will have a few alternatives to pick from:

  • Granite Tile: Gives your flooring an unique character that can’t be matched. If your floors see extremely heavy traffic, granite is the way to go.
  • Marble Tile: Gives a house that stylish or standard look a lot of desire.
  • Slate Tile: Of all the stones, slate does a fantastic task of withstanding fading and chemicals, makings cleaning slate tile floors that much easier.
  • Limestone Tile: Is formed by settled sedimentary rocks that pressurized at the bottom of the ocean. Limestone tile can look extremely just like wood, a good alternative if you’re searching for a more contemporary touch.

Stone Tile Costs

Limestone floor TileAs a whole, stone tile is more expensive than ceramic tile. Nevertheless, if you can’t live without stone, limestone would be your best choice, as we mention in our limestone material cost estimator.

While it’s not a huge difference, the average cost of a stone tile flooring project is $2,083, which is about 9 % higher than ceramic tile.

Stone Tile Prons

There is not a more long lasting tile floor than stone. Depending upon your stone type, property owners can also add a distinctive appearance with the speckled products in granite or the wood-like functions in limestone. When stone tile is polished, it resists scratching like no other tile. As such, it’s a tremendously popular flooring alternative for kitchen areas.

Stone Tile Cons

Unlike ceramic tile, stone tile is not always stain resistant, making maintenance costs higher and cleaning times longer. In order to prevent spots, property owners will have to seal their stone tile floors so water does not leak in.

Obviously, the big one will be cost, as stone tile is more costly that ceramic.

The Others: Faux Wood, Glass or Metal

One up and coming choice in the tile flooring arena is synthetic wood tile. As my coworker Alyson Yu recently discussed in The Next Hot Trend In Tile: Faux Wood Tile, faux wood is indeed a ceramic or porcelain tile that imitates genuine wood. Usually, homeowners will not be able to distinguish actual wood from synthetic wood tiles.

Lastly, while they are not commonly known, glass or metal tile give house owners an exclusive look and feel a number of their next-door neighbors will never ever see. They’re mostly used for decorative functions (like walls) and as you most likely presumed, come with a greater price than ceramic.


Although wood is getting energy, tile stays the most popular flooring choice on the marketplace. If you’re seeking to conserve a dollar and want a simple to preserve floor, go with ceramic. If you’re willing to invest the money and desire a more long lasting choice, then stone is calling your name.

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